About Us

Pride Docking Systems is your one-stop shop for everything related to your cottage, public waterfront or commercial marina. From turn-key systems where we design, construct, deliver and install all our systems. We work hard to ensure that our design and construction reflects our clients personal taste, therefore we make the commitment to work with the homeowners throughout the entire design and construction process.

For those wishing to just by components we supply the highest quality of the flotation, hardware, hinges and lumber you need for your next project. In addition, we offer engineering, design and construction services. We can provide complete design support, product supply and advice.

PRIDE DOCKING SYSTEMS Fabricates & Supplies

  • Private Home and Cottage dock system
  • Commercial marina systems
  • Dock floats/hardware/wood
  • Docking for commercial fishing boats
  • Waterfront Parks and developments
  • Fuel Docks
  • Private residential docks
  • Rowing docks
  • Ramps
  • Docks for large machinery (pumps)
  • Boat houses
  • Design/engineering
  • Rowing Docks